Ever not used your Caps Lock key? Yeah, me too — all the time. So, that’s a waste, right? Let’s do something about it.

Picture of a part of a mac keyboard, focussed on the CapsLock key

Mac Keyboard, CapsLock Key

My frustrations with Mac keyboards was something I wrote about in a previous blog post. I mentioned that I had remapped the Caps Lock key, so I thought I would expand on it a bit, in case it would be useful to you.

You’ll need to download two small (very useful) programs and configure some settings, but it’s easy and this will take maybe 10 minutes tops.

First download PCKeyboardHack and follow Steps 1, 2, and 3 detailed on that page. In step two, in the “Setting” tab, look for the entry for Caps Lock, click the little arrow to the left to open it up, and enter “110” in the keycode column. Close PCKeyboardHack.

Now download KeyRemap4MacBook and follow Steps 1, 2, and 3 on that page. After Step 3, in the “Change Key” tab, scroll down until you see the entry “For PC Users”. Open that entry up (click on the little arrow again) then open out the entry for “Change PC Application Key”. Now you can change the behaviour of the Caps Lock Key to any of these entries. I set mine to “Forward Delete” as I missed that functionality when moving from a PC keyboard. Once you’ve selected your chosen remapping, close KeyRemap4MacBook.

Well done, you just made that key more useful!