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Change Changes Things

Buses, they say, take an age to arrive and then all appear in a bunch together. And so it seems with Change in my life. Of course, we all deal with change as a matter of day-to-day living. There’s nothing unusual about that. The Change that I’m referring to here is the big changes in life and, more specifically, when those changes come along together. About four years ago, I had to deal with the arrival of my first-born child, the purchase of my first house, the death of my father, being made redundant, and starting my first business — all in the space of a few months. It was tough, but in a way that you only fully realise after the fact. I got through it, mostly with the aid of faith, friends, prayer and time.

In one way, common sense says spread out the unheaval. Don’t rock the family boat too much at one time. Take the hits one at a time to disperse the pain. I’m not so sure though — I feel all at once is perhaps the best way. Just throw it all at me in a one’r and, “setting my face like flint”, I’ll get through it. Being in a constant state of big change would be a hard way to live. Seasons of constance and short storms of massive change perhaps suit me better.

That’s just theory, of course. I have no way of really knowing as I’ve never really had big changes spread out and, to bring us up to date, it looks like another storm is brewing. Changes in housing, church, job, income and spiritual climate has me wide-eyed. I’m faced with the prospect of all this change like one sitting at the front of a rollercoaster at the initial ratching up. Infact, I’m at the top, faced with the reality of what this all means, and the immediacy of it makes for a big inhale and the gulp and tightened grip before the big fall at the start of the ride.

But I’m learning to lean; I’m learning to trust. I’m getting better at seeing this stuff for what it is. I’m learning to marry up my understanding with my own circumstances. I feel more confident that everything will be alright. In fact, if I navigate in step with Him and remain in Him, I can come out of this much the richer. The opportunity for learning and growth is compelling.

So I say bring it on! All the trouble I see brewing, when viewed from this perspective, just become bigger examples of the “change is good” way-of-life I so espouse. It’s just that there’s more on the line now. But, surely, that means the reward is that much greater.

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  1. Love it! When I saw that you had another blog post my spirit leapt for joy!! YOu have a most amazing way with words and a wonderful perspective – we love .reading/seeing them 😉 more, more, more
    Bless you on this rollercoaster and give me a shout when its cotton candy time! 😉

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